The house is situated on one of Antananarivo’s main hills, about a 15-minute walk from the town center. If you are not being picked up at the airport, you should take a taxi to get to the house (Ar. 35,000 – Ar. 50,000 depending on the time of day). Street names are rarely used in Antananarivo; therefore you must tell the taxi driver the part of town where the house is located, say “A Anjohy en bas, près d’Ambanidia” and then be prepared to point out the house. The attached map shows its exact location. The house is on the up-slope side of the road in the corner of a hairpin turn. It has white-colored walls, a red roof and a white gate. A small Missouri Botanical Garden sign is posted on the wall next to the gate.

Generally, rooms at the house are made available for the use of MBG staff and associate researchers, but on application to Pete Lowry or Christian Camara, space permitting, it may be available to visiting researchers from other institutions. Reservations are required.

You can obtain a set of keys for the house upon arrival from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 and 16:30. Special arrangements must be made if you are scheduled to arrive at another time. The set of keys contains one for your room, one for the house and one to access the adjacent building, which is also part of MBG’s office. The door to the house is opened with 2 keys. You will have one of these, the other is kept by the guardian, whom you should ask to open the lower lock. When you leave Antananarivo, the keys must be given to the housekeeper. Unauthorized over-night guests are not permitted. Please honor this rule; if you fail to do so, we will have to ask you to leave immediately.


Bedrooms: The house contains three double rooms. Each room is equipped with a bed, desk, wardrobe, bookcase, chair and an electric socket. Bed linens and towels are also provided and are washed once a week during occupancy. During office hours, we ask that you keep the door of your room closed.


Bathroom and toilets: There are two toilets, a bathroom and a shower. These are all shared, so please help keep them clean. The house has hot water.


Kitchen: This contains a gas cooker, a small oven and a refrigerator with a freezer compartment. Cooking and eating utensils are available. Please keep the kitchen clean and, on leaving, clear your remaining food from the refrigerator.


From Monday to Friday, a cook prepares lunch for MBG staff (cost: Ar. 2.500 per meal). For late arrivals, food can be provided, but you should make arrangements ahead of time.
A washing machine and drying rack are available for your laundry. Please do not hang your washing over the balcony.


Office: The office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:30. It is equipped with computers, wifi, fax and telephone. These facilities are generally reserved for MBG staff and associates. However, visitors from other institutions may also obtain permission from MBG’s IT person if they wish to use these facilities. Unlimited use of the telephone for local calls (within reason!) is included in your rent. However, if you are not familiar with local telephone companies, our Administrative Manager can help you. All international outgoing phone calls and faxes must be recorded and paid for.

- OFFICE A (where the guest rooms are) >   Network SSID: - MBG A, MBG A2, MBG A3, MBG A4, MBG BatA

- OFFICE B >   Network SSID: - MBG B1

The MBG office also has a small library that you may use, but under no circumstances are books (other than novels) to be removed from the house.

Visitors who will return within 2 years may store a moderate number of items in the house. These must be placed in a container marked with your name, date of storage and anticipated date of return, and should be given to our field equipment assistant for storage in an appropriate place.

Seven electric-bar plant dryers are available, but please bear in mind that there may be competition for these at some times of the year. Also, you must monitor presses on the driers to prevent fires and to avoid wasting expensive electricity (please!).

Depending on availability, field equipment such as tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, etc. may be rented from MBG for a small fee. You will be charged for the loss or damage of any and all borrowed equipment. You will likewise be charged for all field supplies you may use: alcohol , old newspaper and plastic bags. You should always hire a local guide – as a matter of courtesy and security, and to facilitate your work.

Prior to your arrival in Madagascar, you should contact the Malagasy Embassy in your country to obtain a visa. If needed, we can then help you apply for an extension while in Madagascar, for which our Administrative Manager will need your passport and 2 photos. Obtaining a visa extension will require at least 72 hours. During this process, a letter from the Ministry will be provided to allow you to travel within Madagascar without your passport. You can also obtain a tourist visa at Ivato Airport upon your arrival (which will cost about ca. 35 Euros for one month, 40 euros for two months and 50 euros for three months). However, this type of visa can’t be extended beyond three months.

Transfer to and from the airport can be arranged if requested. Generally, with the car service we usually use, this costs Ar. 84,000. Depending on the availability of driver and vehicle, MBG vehicles may be used for field trips. We charge Ar. 200,000 per day (fuel not included), which is the same or a little less than commercial rental agencies.